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Warburton Hydro and HospitalBrochure

(sometime between 1936 - 1947)

“Victoria's Leading Hydro”

The warburton Hydro and Hospital is a modern, up-to-date Hydro with a delightful homelike atmosphere, and is located in one of Victoria's finest beauty spots, 600 feet above sea level, on the sllopes leading up to Mount Duana Buang.

The views from the large plate glass windows If the lounge, reading, and dining rooms are unsurpassed. Central heating keeps the building comfortable on cold days. Hot and cold running water in each bedroom.

The Hydro offers the ideal, happy, home environment with expert medical attention and treatment for those who are simply tired, nervy, or run-down, or for those who are suffering from stomach and nutritional disorders, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, nervous disorders (other than mental), high blood pressure, paralysis, etc. In addition, there is available a fully equipped up-to-date Hospital section (separate building) where expert attention is given to medical, surgical, and midwifery cases.

Tennis and golf available.


The Treatment Rooms for men and women are specially equipped to provide the following forms of treatment:—

Electricity in varied forms, such as Diathermy, Elcitric-Light Baths, Galvanic and Sinusoidal Currents, Ultra-ViIot Light.

Hydrotherapy in many forms, such as Medicated Baths, Sitz-baths, Sprays, Douches, etc.

Massage, Water Massage, etc.

No treatments are given except under supervision of the resident doctor; a fully qualified staff of nurses (male or female) administer same.


The diet is lacto-ovo-vegetarian; liberal, tasty, and scientifically balanced, and is enjoyed by those with the most fastidious tastes.

Special diets are arranged for those suffering from digestive disorders, diabetes, Bright's disease, high blood pressure, etc.


Board and Residence with Hydropathic and Electrical Treatment (per week)

Single Rooms, one bed in room — £5 10s. and £6.
Double Rooms, two beds in room — £5 5s. mad £5 15s.
Per day—17s. 6d.

Board and Residence without Treatment (per week)

Single Rooms, one bed in room— £3 1ds. and £4 4s.
Double Rooms, two beds in room —£3 10s. and £4
Per day—12s. 6d.
Private Bathroom—£1 1s. per week
Course of six Treatments—£2 2s.
Single Treatment—10s. 6d.
Fee for examination and medical attention—From 10s, 6d. to £1 1s.

Extra: Special Nursing, Trays, Garage, etc.
Address all correspondence to the Manager.
Telephone 5, Warburton.


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