Warburton Adventists
Since 1906

Warburton Adventist School

Adventist education in Warburton began in 1906 beneath the canvas roof of a tent pitched in the Bonds' backyard, under the guidance of sole teacher Mrs Prettyman. It was a time when education revolved around four things-the three R's and discipline, and many students tell of corporal punishment being administered for misdemeanours as petty as spelling mistakes.

While the school busied itself with the elementary grades for a time, the demand grew for high school training to be added. When the school acquired a newly vacated house on Salisbury Avenue in 1930, these needs were catered for. Soon afterwards a new building almost directly opposite the Salisbury house was built, and here the school remained for the next 41 years.

By the start of the 1972 school year new premises on the banks of the Yarra had been completed that measured up to the demands of modern education. This building is still used by the school and is situated adjacent to the Signs Publishing Company.

In term 4 of 1998 the school changed its name from Warburton Adventist School to Warburton Christian School. This step was taken as 1998 student numbers were falling and in danger of dropping below 55.

The name alerted the community that the school is inclusive and not exclusive, as
many had previously thought. In the first week alone, after the new school sign was unveiled, two non-Adventist families asked if they could now send their children to the school. The school's numbers immediately turned around, quickly growing to the high 80s and meant the employment of a 4th teacher was needed.

While the council and teachers worked hard to promote the school, the closure of other Adventist institutions in the area, the reduction in the number of students in the Upper Yarra and the high competition for the remaining 39 students led to the decision to close the school at the end of 2007.