Warburton Adventists
Since 1906

Warburton Seventh-day Adventist Church

The Warburton Seventh-day Adventist church was born with the arrival of the advance party of Signs workers, and it grew as the various institutions were established and expanded in the valley. It seems, however, that those first Signs workers were not the first Adventists in the valley. The wife of the original owner from whom the "Wonwondah" property was purchased was an Adventist.

The first church building was erected on Signs Hill soon after the establishment of the Signs Publishing Company. Over the years as the church community grew, the church was extended until around 1934. At this time, opportunity arose to build a new brick church opposite the newly rebuilt Signs facility and was dedicated in 1940.

On April 8, 1944, a fire that began from a movie projector at an evening program burned out the hall at the back of the church.

In the 1950s an increasing membership led to the building of a hall attached to the church, inclusion of a balcony, creation of a new enlarged foyer, and finally in the 1990s the building of a new kitchen, offices and Sabbath school rooms at the rear.

Those who attended during the 1960s and 1970s remember a church that was almost bursting at the seams. Every seat was occupied on Sabbath and one had to search for a seat. The church boasted a wealth of musical talent with several choirs, singing groups and a brass band. It was a church with a vibrant youth scene and an active Pathfinder club.

A concern for the future care of ageing members within the church community led to the construction of the Mountain View retirement units followed by the building of the hostel-the facility that is now known as "Yarra View."

Unfortunately the days of large attendances and visionary projects have passed. Beginning in the 1980s, through the 1990s and into the 21st century the church has faced a gradual decline in membership as people drifted from the valley. The closure of the Sanitarium factory and the selling of the hospital accelerated the process.

While the church membership has shrunk in size and inevitably has aged, Warburton still has a committed, caring congregation who find joy in worship.