Warburton Adventists
Since 1906

The year 1905 saw the arrival of the first Adventists to Warburton. With them they brought several industries that have supported the local community for many years, including the Sanitarium Health Food Company, Signs Publishing Company and the Warburton Health Care Centre and Hospital, school, retirement home and church. This website takes a look back at the involvement of Adventists in Warburton, Victoria, Australia, over the years past.

Warburton Captured in Time Lapse 

A year is like 2.5 seconds to God, and now to you and I also. The front gardens of the Warburton church and Warburton Christian School have each been captured in two separate year-long time lapses. Each time lapse, that can be sped up or slowed down, shows deciduous trees growing and losing leaves, flowers blooming and shadows shifting. Both time lapses were taken from up stairs vantage points in the Signs Publishing Company building by editorial staff. The spectacular time lapses can be seen here!